Studying for a Doctorate

If you still haven’t decided to studying for a doctorate, we share four benefits of this academic degree.

A doctorate is the maximum degree of a postgraduate degree and the third cycle of university studies. A bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree plus a master’s degree must access a doctorate.

The goal of a doctorate is to acquire research skills that can drive the development of their disciplines. A doctorate remains designed for those with a profile more inclined towards teaching and research.

Nancy Matos, professor in ESAN’s Doctoral Program, in an article for the El Peruano web portal, shared the four main benefits of studying for a doctorate:

  1. Professionals with doctorates have more job opportunities in the country, especially in the competitive and quality university world. A professor or researcher can work up to 70 years in a university and even more if he still has the necessary energy for this work.
  2. A studying for a doctorate allows you to take on the challenge of travelling, get to know environments with similar or different problems, and talk with other researchers.
  3. Upon entering a doctorate, the participant will meet other professionals with similar or different concerns and the desire to investigate and contribute to society. The network of contacts will remain considerably expanded to carry out future research work with your colleagues in the program.
  4. Among older professionals with experience in the academic or business field, there is a need to generate transcendental and valuable knowledge for their society, country, and world. The doctorate provides them with the ability to search for information, identify problems and formulate innovative solutions.

In Peru, a greater demand for professionals with doctorates remains projected in the coming years. Do you dare to start a doctorate?

Advantages of a doctorate in education?

  • Develop abilities and skills in research
  • You can lead work teams and give keynote speeches
  • It makes you an expert in analysis, design, execution and evaluation
  • It gives you personal satisfaction and recognition from other colleagues, institutions and people
  • You can get higher positions and with better salaries
  • It allows you to write books, opinion columns and articles

If you have in mind to study a doctorate in education. Congratulations! We assure you that it will be enriching for your development as a professional. At UNIVERSIDAD HIPÓCRATES, you will improve your work practice, but you will also enjoy this academic degree’s benefits.

The professional advantages offered by a doctorate

It is not a secret that Peru lacks academic and business research. The shortage of professionals with doctoral degrees is one of the causes of this problem. How to fight it? Through disseminating the importance and benefits of a career as a doctor.


The gap between professionals with doctorates in Peru is alarming. As of 2015, the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec) registered 1,072 researchers with this academic degree throughout the country, 31.8% of all Peruvian researchers. This figure places us below countries such as Chile and Uruguay, where the percentage is 39.2% and 64.2%, respectively.

This deficit should remain an opportunity for Peruvian professionals to become more interested in pursuing a doctorate. This option will give them significant advantages, such as:

  • Greater connection with the world. The participant must attend international academic congresses where other researchers usually present their advances to carry out successful research.
  • These activities remain frequently, and each theme is usually addressed once or twice a year in different parts of the world.
  • The doctorate allows the professional to take on the challenge of travelling and to get to know environments with similar or different problems to their own and converse and discuss with other researchers.
  • All of this will enrich his cultural and cognitive background, in addition to helping him generate innovative solutions to problems of global magnitude, not only in his country of origin.
  • A teacher or researcher can work all his life as long as he has the curiosity and energy necessary for this work. The working life of a researcher is far superior to the active life in the business world.

A network of contacts with an international reach:

  • Upon entering a doctorate, the participant will meet other professionals with similar or different concerns and the same desire to investigate and contribute to society.
  • The network of contacts will remain considerably expanded.
  • You will have access to new job opportunities and the possibility of carrying out future research work with some of your colleagues in the program.
  • A professional recognized by his society. Older professionals with experience in the academic or business field need to generate transcendental and valuable knowledge for their society, country, and even the world.
  • They are ambitious and seek to create new solutions to problems of great magnitude.
  • The doctorate will provide them with the necessary knowledge to search for information, identify problems, and formulate innovative solutions.

In the case of younger professionals, the studying for a doctorate allows them to achieve that same transcendence at a young age.

In our country, an increase in the demand for professionals with this degree remains projected in companies over the next few years.

Consequently, graduates will have the additional advantage of quickly accessing better job opportunities in this area.

Studying for a doctorate is an experience that can change your professional life and allow you to continue setting goals then objectives in your professional and academic life.

What led you to consider doing an Industrial Doctorate?

  • The possibility of doing applied research within the industry. Despite working for many years in research, I had never considered doing a doctorate.
  • But when they published the call for Industrial Doctorates, I saw that it could be a good opportunity due to my personal and professional career.
  • What particularly caught my attention remained that this program offered me the possibility of maintaining a double link between the business world and the university.

What ingredients are needed to launch an Industrial Doctorate?

  • The most important thing is a company needs innovation in one of its lines of research.
  • The company proposes its research topic to the most appropriate department of the university.
  • Which assesses whether the issue is of sufficient importance so that a doctoral thesis may arise at the end of the road.
  • If so, a candidate who has the profile to carry out the doctorate is sought.

What does your doctoral thesis in Natural Machines consist of?

  • Natural Machines is the first company that has developed a 3D printer for all types of food, called Foodini.
  • This printer facilitates home cooking with fresh ingredients, as it can handle the most difficult parts of a dish, such as preparing ravioli with fresh pasta. Foodini also makes all kinds of designs with the food you have placed inside.
  • For example, it allows you to make dinosaur-shaped cookies or write someone’s name in chocolate on top of a cake.
  • My project at Natural Machines is about trying to integrate a fully customized food cooking system within the 3D printer itself. A 100% applied research project.

What are the advantages of an industrial doctorate for a doctoral student compared to a conventional doctorate?

  • The main advantage of doing an industrial doctorate is that all the research you are developing will integrate into a final product, in my case, within Foodini.
  • Another advantage is that within the Industrial Doctorate Plan, the student is hired by a company and later will be able to value these years of experience like actual work experience.

And for a company, what are the advantages?

  • The advantages of this program for the company are, on the one hand, the possibility of including qualified personnel within its staff to carry out a full-time search of its own.
  • On the other hand, the possibility of having facilities and laboratories, such as those of the university, that hardly a start-up has. In addition, it allows you to cooperate with university researchers.

And the university, how does it benefit?

The university also earns quite a few things. First of all, the possibility at the academic level of doctorates is always significant for any department.

Secondly, there is the chance to have much more direct contact with the business world and get closer to collaboration and knowledge transfer. Another critical opinion is the possibility of opening new lines of research.

This is my case. My thesis on 3D printing for food and cooking system has opened a new line of study within the department.

What relationship is established between the doctoral student and the company? And between the doctoral student and the university?

The relationship established between the company and the doctoral student is labour.

During the three years of studying for a doctorate, the student becomes another company employee. You must follow their internal guidelines, present results consistently, etc.

The feeling that I have, although I work from the university because I am developing a technological job, is that I am part of the Natural Machines staff.

On the other hand, the relationship I have with the university is, above all. At a scientific and technical level, directing and carrying out research work.

From your experience, is the way of working in research for a company different from working as a researcher at a university?

Within a company, the tempos are tighter; you have to adapt to the deadlines set.

However, in the Industrial Doctorates program, you do not stop developing a thesis within the university. Therefore all the research that is done is very rigorous.

What prospects do you have as a doctor?

  • The unique idea that I have as a doctor would be to continue in the world of research. But continue to carry out such applied research.
  • I want to continue collaborating with Natural Machines. As it is a very innovative company with excellent prospects for the future.

Once the Industrial Doctorate is finished, does the possibility of extending this double collaboration ultimately end?

  • Yes. The Industrial Doctorate is strictly for three years, so when the term ends. This possibility also ends, at least within the framework of the Industrial Doctorate Plan.
  • In the case of wanting to maintain this collaboration. It would be necessary to establish a new framework agreement between the company and the university.

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