Are you crazy about The Super Mario Games like me? Then, our article give you clear picture to know about Blue Star Mario Movie. Lumalee, a part of a star species, is a character originally from Super Mario Galaxy. Keep reading the article to know all about this blue star.

#1. Who Is The Wonderfully Gloomy Blue Star In ‘the Super Mario Bros. Movie’?

The real star (pun intended) of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is this neat little glowing fella who casually quips one-liners.

#2. Who Is Lumalee, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Adorably Depressed Blue Star

Who Is Lumalee, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Adorably Depressed Blue Star … They are the true star of the show!

#3. Why does the cutest character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie want to die?

Deep in Bowser’s dungeon, there’s a little blue glowing star-shaped creature who cheerfully, vocally yearns for death, nothingness, and the void

#4. The Real Reason Why Super Mario Bros’ Lumalee Star Is So… Grim

Lumalee might be twisted, but his appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie actually sets up Rosalina’s introduction in The Super Mario Bros.

#5. Who Voices Lumalee In The Super Mario Bros Movie

Pulled from the Super Mario Galaxy games, Lumalee is a member of the Luma species, and he resembles a blue star.

#6. Post: Super Mario Bros – The Movie, Who Is The Blue Star And What Is His Story

Rosalina takes care of them all. However, Lumali, unlike other stars, has an intense shade of blue and plays a very specific role

#7. The 7 Best And Funniest Parts Of The Super Mario Bros Movie

That depressed Blue Luma Star … When Luigi is captured by Bowser, he’s placed in an elaborate dungeon where every cell is a cage hanging from a from a chain over a lava pit.


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