Best cities connect to the Internet will you stay in your hometown for this summer holiday? Or will you be visiting other cities in your country or abroad? Either way, you probably want to keep up with world news and have free internet access while browsing.

In this article, we will discover the top 10 cities in the world with the best Internet and the most handy access to the Internet.

Importance Of The Cities Connect to the Internet In Our Daily Life

According to the 2020 Digital Report, the cities connect to the internet for an average of 6 hours daily. And 2 hours 30 are reserved for social networks. Therefore, the Internet is essential in our lives as we use it at home, work and even in community venues (restaurants, transport, hotel).

Being on vacation is no exception. Also, with all the events changing due to Covid19, we need the Internet to find a great place to visit, book a train, share photos on Instagram or catch the news. Therefore, free WiFi is essential and makes life easier for travellers, tourists, and visitors.

If you are still beholding for your next endpoint, check out the list below of the top 10 Cities Connect to the Internet, it may help you resolve!

There are Ten Top Cities Connect to the Internet

Are you still hesitating between different cities to go on holiday? Is your city listed? Let’s find out! The list below takes it from other sources. Therefore, it is not a ranking but a list of the best cities connect to the Internet worldwide.

New York, USA

More reasons to love the Big Apple include free Internet at restaurants, parks, subway stations, and tourist spots like Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge. The city never sleeps, and neither does your smartphone.

Seoul, South Korea

If you are looking for free Internet everywhere and, most importantly, FAST internet access, head to Seoul! It has the fastest internet speeds in the world, 50% faster than those in the US or Europe. In addition, it is a well-connected city with free internet hotspots everywhere marked with a red sign that makes life much easier for visitors.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many free services for visitors, including efficient internet access. Their leading free network is called “GovHK”, which is provided by the government and located in parks, ferry terminals, attractions and other public spaces.

Taipei Taiwan

If you visit the city, you will find 5,000 hotspots to connect to the Internet for free. The government has created a straightforward scheme for tourists to register online for free internet and enjoy 30 days of internet access before they even arrive in the city.


One of the most connected cities in the world is “Las Vegas of China”. “WiFi Go”,a free WiFi service is available for locals and travellers available for only 45 minutes from 8 am to 1 am and is open to over 150 locations.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka Free WIFi is available at more than 2,000 locations throughout the city. You can register on the “Osaka Free WiFi” network for one hour or choose the “Lite” option, which provides WiFi access every 30 minutes for up to 4 hours daily.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

The city’s WiFi is one of the best in Europe. Barcelona can create museums, beaches, public parks, urban buses, etc. There are more than 700 ports. The speed is not very high, but enough to send messages or browse the web.

Paris France

The French capital has more than 200 free WiFi points available to tourists in the city’s central areas. The network is called “Paris WiFi” for short and provides a connection for 2 hours.

Helsinki, Finland

You can benefit from the free WiFi service anywhere in the city, from the airport to shopping malls. But first, you must find the “Helsinki City Open WLAN” network. It does not require any password and works quite fast.

Perth, Australia

With numerous WiFi hotspots in significant restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls, the city represents one of the most connected cities in the country. In addition, the “Perth WiFi” network is available for one hour just before reconnecting.