Digital Marketing Advantage For Sustainable Competitive

Digital Marketing Advantage For Sustainable Competitive – It’s incredible how often I have conversations with people who focus solely on how they can invest $1 and get back $3 or more in a month or less.

Sounds great, of course, but the problem is that every single one of your competitors is probably chasing that same $3, so finding these opportunities and successfully executing on them is a lot harder than it sounds.

Contrast that with the concept of investing in projects that don’t have a payment for six months or more.

There are far fewer companies willing to do that, but here’s the thing: That’s what makes these opportunities so unique.

Imagine the benefits if you focus your energy in a direction that most of your competition is unwilling to take.

Advantage For Sustainable Competitive

1. Become Seen As A Leading Authority

Can you (or your business) become the one that the media and influencers ask for appointments to include in their content?

  • In many industries, this will result in incredible visibility on an ongoing basis, as related articles about your market space will generate lots of mentions and links.
  • I demonstrated this in our most recent study, Links Still Matter. Get enough links and have a great link profile, which makes this lead so crucial to your digital marketing strategy.
  • Create enough of a gap in that link profile, and it can take years for a competitor to catch up.

2. Create Vastly Superior Content

There are many ways to do this, such as collecting many user reviews (examples: Amazon and TripAdvisor).

  • The number of studies available and the quality of those reviews is a clear differentiator for these two companies, and it’s challenging for anyone else to replicate what they have.
  • Another idea is to invest heavily in excellent content. E.g. consider the example of retail sites.
  • SEOs have long noted the challenge of having the same product descriptions as many other companies selling the same product.
  • It led many companies to invest in rewriting those product descriptions, but in the end, their rewritten content presented no new information.
  • That is NOT far superior content; it’s just a new way to rotate elements.
  • Instead, consider getting expert opinions on using the product or service on the page. Or have users contribute content about how they’re using the product.
  • None of these is easy to do, but if you invest in it and your competition doesn’t, you can gain a critical edge over the competition.
  • Another way to achieve this is to invest in a high-end content marketing strategy constantly. With our investments in data-driven studies, this is a big focus for Stone Temple.

3. Rule A Social Media Platform

Of course, it would probably be challenging for you to establish a dominant presence on Facebook.

  • A lot of your competition is already there, and you may be active there, too, so it’s a bit late to decide to do it on Facebook.
  • But consider adopting a new and upcoming platform that others are not yet active on.
  • When social media platforms are unique, and their level of adoption is uncertain, it’s straightforward to build an incredible presence there.
  • Early adopters of a new social player quickly flock to brands that embrace the new platform and its unique features.
  • But as the social media site/app becomes more established, this is no longer as easy to replicate.

4. Build A Passionately Loyal Audience

  • It includes many elements that people sometimes refer to as “brand” or “reputation.” The underlying core concept relates to the sense of connection.
  • Your target audience has to your business or the loyalty or attachment they feel towards it.

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