The Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet delivers the same level of security as Ledger’s original hardware wallet, the Nano S. Ledger introduced the Nano S Plus in April 2022 after announcing that it would phase out the Nano S after its final production run. At just $20 more than the Nano S, the Nano S Plus is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

It offers competitive value for money to anyone looking for safe offline private key storage to achieve a variety of market-leading cryptos and NFTs.

However, the device has not progressed in mobile compatibility, and you can only select a small token through the native Ledger Live interface.

Ledger Nano S Plus price

The Ledger Nano S Plus retails for $79 on the official Ledger website. That puts the price somewhere between the Ledger Nano S, which retails for $59, and the Ledger Nano X, which retails for $149.

While it is slightly more expensive than the equivalent primary Trezor wallet, the Trezor O have some additional features that make the extra expense worth it for most people.

Where to buy Nano S Plus in India?

Purchase it directly from the Ledger website, not from a third party, to reduce the chance of someone tampering with your device before it reaches you.

The Ledger lists a few authorized vendors that sell it on their site. These are the only things to consider if you decide to buy from a retailer.

Nano S Plus Coin Support

The Ledger can store the private keys of more than 5,500 digital assets. And putting it on par with other devices in the Ledger series.

If being able to manage a wide variety of currencies is important to you, you will be hard-pressed to find a better cold storage wallet. Trezor’s range of wallets comes in second, supporting around 1800 assets.

Manage NFT on Nano S Plus

The aptitude for managing NFTs with the Ledger is a promotion from the Ledger Nano S. With it, and you can do this with native support via the Ledger Live app, freeing you from needing third-party software. Like Meta Mask.

You can also store NFT private keys on the Nano S, but you must use a third-party application such as Meta Mask or My Ether Wallet with your Nano S to do so.

At the time of writing, Ledger Live only supports NFTs on Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) blockchains.

If you take NFTs on other blockchains, that’s fine. However, you can still pair your Nano S Plus with a software wallet like Meta Mask. Also doing so will allow you to manage NFTs on various blockchains. Also but with the extra security of your Ledger wallet.

Nano S Plus Security

All Ledger hardware wallets, counting with it, benefit from a similar top security rating. The French National Cyber ​​Security Agency is responsible for conducting various assessments to verify the device’s security. (The notebook locates in France.)

All Ledger devices use Safe Element chips, which can also use in credit cards, passports and SIM cards. Although this chip level is not a requirement for hardware wallets, Ledger still prefers to use it. In addition, ledgers pass the Common Criteria security assessment. An international standard for government requirements and debit cards, and earn an Assessment Assurance Level (EAL) 5+ certification.

EAL 5+ certification indicates that a device offers:

The highest level of defence against infiltration or hacking attempts.

Protection against remote and physical attacks.

The Ledger site states, “Going beyond EAL 5+ no longer provides greater security against attacks.”