The best free parental control app software makes it simple and easy to keep your family and kids safe online when using Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

In an ideal world, the web can save space for everyone, but unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and as a busy adult, you may not always be able to make time to be there when your kids are online.

And it is where the best free parental control software can help: By blocking access to specific sites that may host relevant content or only allowing access to places you see fit, this tool can help protect your children.

The best free parental control software will take care of when you can’t while kids are researching for a school project, keeping in touch with friends, or simply liking all the good things the internet offers.

It doesn’t matter how old your child is or whether they’re using a mobile, Windows or macOS computer. In this summary, you will find the best free parental control software to help you.

The Top Free Parental Control App Of 2022 In Full:

1. Qustodio

Most parental control app software aims at Windows users, but Qustodio (think “protector”) is also available for Mac, Android, iOS, Spark, and Nook.

The free form is one of the most comprehensive parental control apps, allowing you to set rules and deadlines and block pornography and other inappropriate content. If you choose the paid version, you also get SMS tracking, social media features, and per-app controls.

Its excess features and support for an extensive range of stages make Qustodio the most excellent free parental control software. Also, there are other great free programs out there too, and some it can better suited to your individual needs as a parent.

2. KidLogger

Nothing beats Kidlogger. This free parental control software monitors what your kids type and what websites they visit and keeps track of the programs they use and the screenshots they take.

There’s even a voice-activated voice recorder if you’re worried about who your kids might be talking to online. If your children are a bit big and more responsible, you can choose which options to follow and give them some privacy.

The freeware lacks some of the sneaky features of the premium versions (including the ability to monitor WhatsApp conversations and listen to Skype calls silently). However, it’s still a comprehensive tool if you’re concerned about your kids’ safety.

The free and standard plan can monitor up to 5 devices, while the professional program can monitor up to 10. In addition, Kidlogger is available for Windows, macOS, and Android.

3. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Keyloggers get a terrible reputation online as they are often used by criminals hoping to get hold of passwords and bank details. Also but they can also force for good, and Spyrix Free Keylogger leases you get what your kids are up to them.

For example, it will log keystrokes, take screenshots of the desktop view without the user’s knowledge, or log program activity and the like.

Although the accessible version of Spyrix is ​​called parental control software. Also it is a surveillance program; It doesn’t stop kids from doing something good it lets you see exactly what they’re doing. And if you want to block content, premium subscriptions are not expensive.

The lack of filtering means Spyrix may not be the best choice for younger children’s computers. Still, it may be helpful in older children if you suspect online bullying or other disturbances. In addition, the software is obtainable for Windows and macOS.