Relocation technology, you’re probably pretty used to hearing the term scrolling technology. But, while this term may sound familiar to most, the depths it reaches aren’t always mentioned. And believe us, the depths it comes to are staggering. So, instead of telling you about relocation technology, let’s take it from a different angle and discuss some myths surrounding it.

Myth 1: Displacement technology does not apply to the human species at my company.

Relocation technology in motion applies to everyone! Whether your employees are new hires, mid-level, executive-level, tenants, or homeowners, relocation technology has solutions for everyone. Relocation technology is helpful because it is valuable in different ways for each employee demographic.

Also, relocation technology offers hyperlocal city content that is highly beneficial to everyone, especially millennials and generations who value the social environment that a city offers. Instead, a relocation technology platform can provide information about school systems, spousal support, and that sort of thing for your transfers with families. A good scrolling technology platform has solutions for anyone who can use it.

Myth 2: Relocation technology is only helpful for acquisition.

Fake! Technology on the go is beneficial to both the employee and the employer. Of course, the interface itself is geared towards your employees and allows them to transition from point A to point B seamlessly. Still, relo technology has a lot to offer employers and businesses alike.

For example, you can see a visual path of where your employee should be with their movement and where they are. It is helpful because you can see and avoid red flags before they become a problem. For example, if a transferee is scheduled to be at his new job in two weeks and hasn’t thought about finding a home yet, he can guarantee that he won’t concentrate on his new business but on finding a home.

Plus, you can see which vendors are most beneficial for your acquisitions and build your relocation policy around what your employees value most. And it gives you an excellent opportunity to make a good impression on your employees or new hires long before they even enter the door.

Relocation technology also gives you options for expense tracking. You can get feedback on employee expenses, which will help you narrow down the size of the lump sums you offer for relocations. It makes budgeting more efficient for both you and your employees.

Myth 3: I cannot use displacement technology in my company; We are already working with an RMC.

If you believe this myth, today is your lucky day! Many companies that use displacement technology also work with a relocation management Company (RMC). Companies combine the two to offer your company the most comprehensive and robust relocation policy. In addition, Relo technology works with RMCs to fill the gaps of others. For example, relocation technology excels at providing educational content for transferees and providing them with resources even after their first move.

Myth 4: I want my employees to have access to a natural person, not just a computer program. Displacement technology does not provide this.

We understand that not everything can solve with technology, so a migration concierge built it into the relocation technology platform. In addition, the relocation officer is available for your employees to contact when they have questions that the relocation platform cannot answer.

Myth 5: I need help hiring interns; relocation technology is only for full-time employees or new hires.

Your interns are perfect for displacement tech! It is valid for several reasons. First, the interns will likely be from a younger generation and will have no problem figuring out how to work with the interface. They connect well with technology and can navigate their portals easily, so giving them a platform like relocation technology is likely to resonate better with them.

Secondly, the information provided by displacement technology is essential to them. Please do not assume that full-time employees do not share their relocation needs because they are interns. What comes out is simple:

  • To move is to move.
  • It doesn’t need substance which way you turn it.