Slack Status Hacks: How to Customize/Personalize Status

Slack Status Hacks: How to Customize/Personalize Status & Update Away Messages – Whenever you step away from Slack, grab lunch, take a week off, or focus on a task for a few productive hours.

You can use a custom status in Slack to manage your coworkers’ expectations. Here your Slack status is also an easy way to share what you’re working on or whom coworkers should contact in your absence.

Slack hack

However, a quick, over the emoji will display your status fully glory. If you didn’t select an emoji, we’d automatically show 💬 so people know you’ve set your level to something. Here your status will always appear in your profile and the message box of your DMs.

By evasion, your status will clear after the day is over, but there are also presets for standard shorter intervals, like 30 minutes or an hour. Here you can also set the expiration date and time of your message so that your vacation status, for example, disappears when you’re back to work.

Set status in Slack is a quick and easy way to tell your team what you’re up to and your availability.

How to Customize?

To connect Slack with Outlook Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Open Slack on your computer.
  2. Select a workspace where you want to install the app.
  3. Click the More button and select Applications.
  4. Find the Outlook calendar and click the Add button.
  5. Click the Add to Slack option.
  6. Go in your credentials and click the Allow button.
  7. Click the Shortcuts button and choose Outlook Calendar.
  8. Select an action and run it.

Personalize Status

It’s laid-back to set your status in all versions of Slack. From your computer, click your name in the top left corner of your sidebar.

Then select Set a status. In our mobile apps, tap the You option in the bottom tab bar, then edit your status directly from there.

Sync your status with apps for Slack

  • Apps designed to work with Slack can also automatically set your status.
  • E.g. Zenefits syncs your status with its free time tracking system, so people know when you’re in PTO.
  • While Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar sync to show when you’re in a meeting (and when you’re free) in Slack.
  • Your status will also update automatically once you’re on a voice or video call in Slack, then reset once you’re done.

How your status appears in Slack?

Slightly emoji you choose is displayed next to your name in messages and in the left sidebar, giving teammates a quick read of what you’re doing without interrupting your productivity flow or cluttering your conversation.

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