Startups are Choosing React Native for Mobile App

Startups are Choosing React Native for Mobile App – A survey was conducted, which showed that approximately 42% of developers had used React Native globally.

And it is the third most demanding framework after Kotlin and Android Architecture Components.

We are one of the best known React Native development companies in India, and today we will talk about the popularity of React Native and its advantages.

As we are a steady provider of React Native app development services in India, we precisely know these facts and data.

If you are a startup looking to offer intelligent services to users, React Native is the best solution. It is the framework with cross-platform solutions.

Also, it helps to provide a seamless experience for Android and iOS mobile users.

What is React Native?

  • React Native is a popular framework that allows developers to create rendered Android and iOS apps. It is a mobile application framework based on JavaScript. Do you know who is behind React Native technology?
  • Facebook introduced the concept in the year 2015. Also, it is open source and works on the idea of creating web-based ideas as mobile apps.
  • Furthermore, developers can create applications for various mobile-based operating systems by implementing the same code.
  • React Native is one of the trending 2022 development frameworks because it makes it easy to build great apps on various platforms without compromising quality.
  • Also, the features that make the technology more demanding are reusability, reloading, integration of third-party plugins, etc.
  • They are leading tech giants like Instagram, Bloomberg, Discord, Skype, Tesla, Walmart, etc.

Benefits of Choosing React Native for Mobile App

Fast development:

  • Due to the code reuse feature, applications are quickly created for multiple platforms. Also, about 90% of the code is the same for all platforms.
  • Therefore, you get your application in the shortest possible time compared to other technologies.
  • As a result, applications start quickly. Also, this reason attracts a lot of developers and startups who want their apps in no time.
  • As we know, time is the most significant limitation of age, and everyone is after it. And also, if the users get solutions in a limited time, it makes them happy and satisfied.

Code reuse:

  • React Native offers code reuse to get mobile apps developed quickly. For Android and iOS, the same code can be used, which saves more time and effort.
  • Also, if you are a new business, you should adopt this kind of innovative solution.
  • In the traditional app development method, developers need to write different codes for each mobile platform.
  • But this is not the case with React Native, and therefore, major tech companies prefer to implement this programming language.

Time and cost efficiency:

  • A startup has to focus on cost and time management because, at this early stage, one cannot afford to lose either of them.
  • Also, keep in mind that millions of your competitors are also preparing to give you a tough fight.
  • Therefore, always choose something cost-effective, smooth and effortless. And based on these parameters, React Native is the preferred choice for mobile app development services.

Excellent UI/UX appearance:

  • The user experience is the most important thing every time an application is launching on the market. And React Native provides a great user experience for all mobile users.
  • So you can rest assured from a UI/UX experience perspective with React Native.
  • Building an attractive interface is no big deal with React Native. It offers a smooth, beautiful, captivating and engaging user interface for mobile applications.

Native React Developers:

  • As we saying before, React Native is built on JavaScript, and we believing that every web and app development company has JavaScript experts.


  • We have mentioned the benefits of React Native, and being a new company, you have to accept it.
  • Also, being a React Native development company in India, we always recommend the best for the technological world.
  • However, we know that the beginning comes with many dreams, expectations and enthusiasm.
  • Therefore, gathering our experience, we have brought the best technology for a startup in India and USA.
  • However, always focus on your goal and give your best to deliver the best.

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