Who killed Missy Hammond

Who killed Missy Hammond? – Oxford hairdresser Missy Hammond was found dead in her home.

Here the victim’s father, Jonah Dale, discovered the body when Missy’s 7-year-old daughter, Liddie, answered the door.

And also, Liddie spent the night in her mother’s bed, sleeping next to her mother’s body. Initial observations indicate that Missy was strangled and had been dead for some time before her body was found.


Melissa “Missy” Dale Hammond was born in July 18, 1975, to Rachel and Jonah Dale in Oxford, Mississippi.

The Missy’s mother had a difficult pregnancy and an even more difficult delivery with Missy.

After 36 hours of labor, doctors finally determined that Missy needed to be delivered by cesarean section, an ordeal Rachel never seemed to recover from.

In addition to Rachel’s pressures as a young mother, Missy had terrible bouts of colic and allergies to dairy products, leading to many sleepless nights.

Although Rachel loved and adored her daughter, she was not cut out for motherhood by all accounts. However, in 1981, Rachel packed her bags and left her husband and daughter, never to return. However, Missy clung to her father Jonah and easily gave in to feelings of abandonment.

Because of her mother’s abandonment, Missy swore that when she became a mother, her son would always know that she loved her and would be there for her no matter what.

Missy attended Oxford High School, anywhere she met and fell madly in love with Steve Kirby, a math genius and one of the first in her school to develop an intense interest in computers.

Although he wasn’t considered one of the “cool” kids, Missy thought he was walking on water and had no interest in the jocks or the popular kids.

Here Steve could hardly believe his luck in having one of the prettiest girls in school as a girlfriend, and as a result, he often felt insecure and unjustifiably jealous.


Although Missy tried to reassure him, Steve was never sure she carrying about him. In his senior year, Steve became insanely jealous of the attention Roger Hammond gave Missy and got emotional every time he saw her talking to Roger. At the end of her trial, Missy finally broke up with Steve because she could no longer tolerate his accusations. At first, she started dating Roger out of spite, but really to make Steve come to his senses and fight for her. But Steve didn’t fight for her. Contempt a couple of attempts at reconciliation, but they never met.

Soon after her breakup with Steve and while dating Roger, Missy became pregnant. She told Roger about the pregnancy, believing that he would break up with her but, to her surprise, after some arguing, he proposed to her. Not significant what else to do, she accepting Roger’s proposal, and they were married shortly after graduating in 1993. However, in December, Missy gave birth to a daughter, whom she and Roger named Lydia, who quickly acquired the nickname “Liddie.”

More Info

  • Although Missy had grown up without a mother and was determining that her child would not grow up lacking both of her parents.
  • She realizing very early in the marriage that she and Roger were not suitable for each other. They were constantly fighting and arguing.
  • Sometimes the fights escalated to breaking furniture and plates and threats of violence. Later nearly four years of marriage, Missy took Liddie, left Roger, and filed for divorce.
  • Afterward, a bitter custody battle and having to defying themselves against false accusations, however, the divorce was deciding, and Missy was awarding custody of Liddie, with Roger given visitation rights.
  • In 1997, after splitting from Roger, Missy enrolled at the KC School of Hair Design in Pontotoc, Mississippi.
  • After graduation, she got a job at a Southern Beauty salon in Oxford. She started as the shampoo girl and worked her way up to become one of the most famous stylists in the store.
  • Although Missy didn’t make much money, she has religiously saved for Liddie’s college fund and worked extra shifts to send Liddie on Science Fair field trips and painting classes.

Ex-Husband Arrested

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department arrested Roger Andrew Hammond for the January 26 murder of his ex-wife, Melissa “Missy” Dale Hammond.

Roger Hammond, Sales Manager for Farrell Motors in Oxford, was taking into custody without incident and held at the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center.

Hammond, 26, is charging with the strangulation death of Oxford hairstylist Missy Hammond, However who was actually found dead in her home by her father, Jonah Dale, on January 27, 2001.

Dale came to the house to take her daughter, 25, and granddaughter. 7, went out to breakfast, and discovered the body in the back bedroom of the Elm Street residence.

Autopsy results showing that Missy Hammond was killing the previous afternoon, and authorities say her daughter Lydia spent the night at the family home with her mother’s body.

Eight days before her death, Missy Hammond fell victim to the Daylight Burglar, which had broken into fourteen Oxford residences since November 21 last year.

Nothing was reporting stolen from Hammond’s residence, but new signs of forcing entry at the crime scene prompted speculation that the Daylight Burglar had returned and turned violent.

More About Missy Hammond

“We considering the possibility that this was a robbery turning murder,” said YCSD spokeswoman Elizabeth Jones, “but from the investigation. We believing that Melissa Hammond was killing by someone she knew well.”

  • “The strangulation is usually personal,” Jones added. “Not the split-second reaction of a thief caught in the middle of a crime.”
  • Investigators performed a search warrant at Roger Hammond’s residence on March 2, 2001. And Jones said forensic analysis of items recovered in that search was “critical” in the arrest.
  • Here Jones declined to identify the specific evidence implicating Hammond but said the murder weapon was among the items.
  • However, Jones said the Sheriff’s Department believes Hammond murdered his ex-wife to regain custody of their 7-year-old daughter. And collect on a $2 million life insurance policy he had on Missy Hammond.
  • In a declaration to reporters. District Attorney Jake Hood said, “Detectives have done an outstanding job of uncovering the truth of this very difficult case.
  • It’s always gratifying, in cases like these where there are numerous suspects and motives, but none that stand out clearly”.  To see the responsible party brought to justice.”
  • The Hood declined to comment on whether his office would seek the death penalty for Roger Hammond.
  • The Hammond’s attorney, Glenn Jones, said his client maintains his innocence.
  • “The Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney may think they have found the truth here. But Roger Hammond is a victim of their excessive pursuit of so-called justice.”
  • Jones did not specify what Hammond’s defense will be. But said his client will not consider any settlement offers with the prosecution at this time.
  • Here Roger Andrew Hammond will be arraigning on murder charges later this week.

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