Apps to hide photos – we all know how convenient and practical mobile devices are for keeping our photos and videos safe. But the problem is that anyone with access to your smartphone can easily see your saved photos and videos you want to keep private.

Fortunately, there are many apps that you can use to restrict access to sensitive and intimate media files on your phone.

The Best Apps To Hide Photos

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault – Apps To Hide Photos

We start our list with Keepsafe Photo Vault, an impressive app for iOS and Android users. This photo storage app includes everything you need to keep your photos private, including three lock options: pattern, PIN, and fingerprint.

When Keepsafe detects incorrect login information, it uses your phone’s front camera to take a photo of the person trying to log in. Then write down the date and time for your reference.

Keepsafe also allows you to export photos to cloud storage. The finest part is that all your data is implicit, so you can be sure that the entire process is trustworthy.

2. Vaulted – Apps To Hide Photos

Vaulty offers multiple levels of security, including numerous vaults, each with separate passwords for added protection. Unfortunately, this makes the practice impenetrable.

The app connects directly to your Google account and backs all hidden pictures to your Drive folder. So even if your smartphone is damaged, your photos stay safe in the cloud. Vaulty also disguises itself as a stock finder app or a calculator app to avoid outsiders’ suspicion, as we said: multiple levels of security.

Finally, organized users can be happy that the app lets them organize photos by the time or date they were last uploaded.

3. Hidden Vault Hidden Photo Album  – Apps To Hide Photos

Hidden Vault Hidden Photo Album is a highly secure app that protects your media files without conciliatory other data on your iOS device. It is a solid choice if you want a great app to hide photos and videos on your iPhone.

Also, you can add an extra layer of security by installing Face ID as your lock. So you don’t have to worry about any leaked password. The app also includes an excellent password vault that stores all your login credentials to open any website with a single tap.

The zero-knowledge architecture of this application uses a unique algorithm so that the application does not need to access your private data. As a result, unlike other apps, you have complete control over the images and videos you want to upload.

4. Private Photo Vault – Apps To Hide Photos

Private Photo Vault is a feature-packed photo hider app with everything from gallery shortcuts to album passwords.

Also private Photo Vault has a spoof password feature that lets you set two different passwords. One takes you to a public folder. While the other gives you access to the hidden folder containing your private pictures.

The app also sends an intruder notification with a picture. And GPS location of the intruder to help keep your device secure (and traceable).

5. Hide Pro – Apps To Hide Photos

Hide it Pro is a 2-in-1 app that hides your pictures and locks the apps you choose. This hidden photo storage app disguises itself as an audio file manager to fool strangers.

Hide It Pro also has top-notch privacy settings powered by a built-in encryption tool. Also to protect your images from outside threats. And with the File Manager feature, you can organize your photos for easy navigation.