How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Presence

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Presence – Small businesses worldwide know that social media is here to stay.

You first need to look at the social media demographics across platforms to know that! Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you have had the chance to put in the time or effort necessary to cultivate a good presence on the right networks.

Go Where Your Customers Are

  • Instead of trying to be ubiquitous on social media, SBOs should focus most of their time and resources on the social media platforms that naturally appeal to their target audience.
  • “Every business is different, and your focus should be on the places and spaces your target audience frequents,” says Mikos.
  • “There are specific platforms that are great for B2C outreach. And also, there are also platforms that are better at keeping their community up to date with what’s new.
  • There are platforms that are perfect for B2B connections. Ultimately, it depends on the companies and the niche where your ideal audience or demographic spends most of their time.”

Develop Your Content Pillars

A small business also needs a social media content strategy before they start posting on a social platform.

Mikos says that SBOs can identify their content pillars by asking themselves these two key questions. The first: Who am I looking to help? The second: How can I help them?

  • “This typically lays the groundwork for your elevator pitch, your marketing collateral, and of course your content strategy,” he says.
  • Once you develop your content pillars, you can organize your content into four main groups: awareness, engagement, connection, and sales content.
  • Mikos says that awareness content helps him reach new audiences. Engagement content keeps your followers interested. Connecting content nurtures your audience and shows them that you are relatable.
  • Promotional content gets people to take action, whether that’s signing up for your page or newsletter or buying your products or services.
  • Anchoring your social media strategy around these four types of content can help you attract new followers and strengthen engagement with current ones.

Come up with a Strategy

Having a goal of improving your social media presence is great, but it’s just the beginning. Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to come up with a plan to achieve it.

Start by designating the person or people who will be part of the social media team and divide their roles and responsibilities so everyone knows what is expected and when.

You should also decide the publication frequency and create a content calendar that helps you plan the publications and not lose days.

This scheduling approach is a big part of your strategy, and there are great social media calendar templates you can use with that design:

who is your audience:

  • What themes and subjects your audience is interested in
  • The usable content you already have
  • What kind of content do you still need to create or curate?
  • When and on what platforms the content will be published

The most real way to develop a strategy for your business is to learn from the best. Reflect a social media and marketing course that focuses on social research and social strategy so you can find your audience and know how to engage them.

Select Tools to Schedule and Automate Posts

  • Staying active and present on social media takes time and dedication. But there are plenty of automation tools available for content creators to automatically post and schedule posts up to a month in advance.
  • These tools, including Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, MeetEdgar, and BuzzSumo, can save you time by letting you plan and schedule batches of posts at once.
  • They also make it easy to monitor your networks and respond to messages quickly.

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