MiFi is a moveable broadband device that allows multiple end users and mobile devices to share their 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet connection and create an ad-hoc network.

Although Novatel manufactures MiFis, the name often uses as a generic label for any device that can be a personal hotspot or pocket router. Although some smartphones can using as hotspots, they do not have the management features that Mifi offers to control data consumption on connected devices. In addition, since the phone is not a particular device like Mifi, the phone’s owner has to activate the hotspot feature every time he wants to share, and the phone itself cannot act as a WiFi client. On some phones, receiving a voice call interrupts 3G/4G data flow, suspending personal mobile hotspot service for other WiFi devices currently using it.

The name it is also “my WiFi” some 3G/4G carriers sell MiFis (or similar devices) on pay-as-you-go plans, while others need a monthly fee or annual contract.

Techopedia Explains Mifi

It is a registered trademark of Novatel. IT professionals may use the term MiFi informally to refer to similar devices. Novatel and other companies offer a variety of wireless devices with different operating systems (OS) and other features for various carriers.

Different subscription models or financial plans exist for these devices, including monthly fees and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) usage.

Benefits of MiFi

Establish an internet connection anywhere worldwide as long as you have a cell phone signal.

Lightweight, portable and can carry in your pocket.

You can choose from various router models that will give you better cost control and security.

We do not affiliate with an operator. However, you can use them with any operator worldwide by inserting an active SIM card.

MiFi is a Device. WiFi is a Technology.

It is a device. That means it’s the name of a router that connects to the internet via a cell phone signal. You take this device with you when you need to communicate outside of your usual WiFi network. For example, if you are travelling in an area where your cellular signal is weak, your also may not be able to connect. You can improve the cellular signal by using a cellular signal booster. Also it  device and cellular booster together keep you connected even in rural areas.

MiFi is Slower than WiFi

It  does not intend to be a long-term solution. Much slower than WiFi. You can also expect up to 70 Mbps speeds on most 4G WiFi devices. While it works for work and streaming in a pinch, it’s not the best for gaming or anything requiring fast data transmission. If you are looking for a decent internet joining for a home or office and want to connect to many devices, you need WiFi. The speeds you get with WiFi let you watercourse 4K videos and games without a hitch.

Mifi Dongle or Standalone

It devices come as a dongle or as a standalone router. A dongle must physically connect to your computer via USB. A separate device does not need to be connected and works via Bluetooth.

A dongle can only connect to a laptop or computer, which is not very good when connecting to a phone or tablet. Dongles can also get pushed and lose connection. In addition, USB connections are limited in the amount of data they can transfer simultaneously.

You can carry a standalone MiFi device in your laptop bag or pocket. It allows you to connect multiple devices, such as smart watches simultaneously. In addition, it has a battery and does not depend on a computer for power. In general, these are extra practical than a dongle.